Heinrichsgrün in Bohemia (Jindrichovice)

Old town names :
Czech = Heynrichskryn; Latin = Henrichsgrun, Heinrichsgrune; German = Hanerssgrün, Heynesgryn;

Heinrichsgrün is first mentioned 1290 in a pawning of Albert Nothaft. It might be after also belonging to the Hartenberger's, who were proved as the owners of the neighboured Horn (1350) and Altengrün (1314). The name Heinrichsgrün is mentioned again in a document of the town Falkenau from 1397, with which the villages around Heinrichsgrün since 1339 already were in a close juridical union. The market rights might reached by Heinrichsgrün before 1467. In the separation contract of the Graves Schlick from 1489 is castle and market Heinrichsgrün mentioned equivalent to the castle and market Falkenau. In the separations contract of 1525 is Heinrichsgrün explizit designate as a market. In the same year has the location a volume of 13 hofs (farms) and 29 manships. In 1537 get the market Heinrichsgrün the full townlaw of Elbogen. This time Heinrichsgrün seems to have 55 hofs/houses, which must give two times the year one Gulden tribute to the county. About 1538 get the surely already existing wooden St. Martinskapelle in Heinrichsgrün the character of a parish-church, to which beside the old villages of the county Heinrichsgrün also the new acquired Altengrün and maybe the both 1525 acquired parts of Silbersgrün have belong to. In 1523 is the tin-mining near Heinrichsgrün mentioned and 1525 we find two mining-undertaker living there. In 1610 is Heinrichsgrün in "Deutzer" designate as a mining-location in Bohemia. From 1601 till 1686 was leaded a mining book for Heinrichsgrün. 1654, after the afflictions of the 30 years war and the contra-reformation, Heinrichsgrün has 75 inhabited houses, while 15 was empty, because of the exodus of the owners.

Heinrichsgrün was in the year 1932 a town-community, district and court-district Graslitz, 1726 inhabitants, 1673 Germans, post office, telephone net and telegraph station, mother-of-pearl sharpery, 2 breweries, sawery, shingle making, stone industry (7 businesses), electric work, castle of Graf Erwein Nostitz with park and animal garden

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