Bartholomäus Gareis (knight of), central cashier, 1789-1859

Bartholomäus Anton was born at 24.08.1789 in Klosterfreiheit and has married 1814 in Dresden Johanna Christiana Kunzmann, daughter of the Dresdnian white-baker Johann Christian Kunzmann. He was the cashier and calculation leader of the Prämien-Casse (Premium-Cash) and after 1831 of the new Finanz-Central-Casse (Finance-Central-Cash) in Dresden. This was the directorial position in this both national Saxon institutions. A juristic study will supposed, but is not traceable, yet. He was 1853 elevated into the knight rank.

Career :

1810 Copyist and candidate of the Kingly Saxon Prämien-Casse in Dresden

From the records of the Prämien-Casse :
(SächsHStA Dresden, Acta der Prämien-Casse, Loc.11159, Blatt 17, 63-66, 69-70)

24.11.1815 Resignation of Hofrat (court-adviser) and Kammerzahlmeister (chamber-pay-master) Ludwig Kindermann, who was since 27.08.1792 calculation leader and cashier of the Prämien-Casse, to the Saxon King, Friedrich August von Sachsen.

09.12.1815 Order of the Saxon King to discharge Hofrat Kindermann and the swear of the hitherto copyist of the Prämien-Casse, Bartholomäus Gareis, at 3.Januar by the Departement of Interior of the Geheimen Cabinets Canzley ("geheim" is in this and the following cases an official title that a person or office is allowed to carry secrets)

03.01.1816 In the kingly residence castle, in the little corner-room of the Geheimes Cabinet, was Bartholomäus Gareis sworn at 11 o'clock forenoon, in presence of the geheimen Cabinets-, Post- and Justizien Rat D. Kuhlschütter.

04.01.1816 Handing over from Kindermann to Gareis of all papers and documents and the keys of the cash-cupboards and the eppidition-room. Recording and confirming of the handing over by Gareis in presence of the secretair and geheimen Cabinets Registrators Gottlob August Hauschild. Agreement, that, in view of the backwardness of the calculation-work, Kindermann still takes over the head-calculation of 1814 and Gareis the same for 1815.

08.01.1816 Official confirmation of the appointment of Gareis and the resignation of Kindermann by the Saxon King.

27.09.1816 Forenoonly sitting of the direction of the Kingly Saxon Landes- Oeconomie- Manufactur- and Commerzien Deputation, in which Bartholomäus Gareis was made known, that the Saxon King, with order, will transfer the management of the Prämien-Casse to this Commerzien Deputation. Gareis was caused to acknowledge the Commerzien Deputation as appropriated authority, and to make for this direction a calculation closing as well as to change futurely from monthly to halfyearly calculation extracts.

03.10.1816 Handing over of the calculation-closing to the direction of the Commerzien-Deputation. Previously the book-keeper Bär has made a revision of the Prämien-Casse under leading of Hofrat Bucher, in which Bartholomäus Gareis included the calculation extract.

14.10.1816 Bartholomäus Gareis presented his script "Das System der Prämiencassen-Abzüge" (see below) to the Commerzien-Deputation. It include an elaboration of all decrees and edicts with regard to the working methods of the Prämien-Casse.

1829 also calculation leader of the Fonds of Deputations
1833 cashier of the Finanz-Central-Casse
1855 (circa) pensionied

 Following script was made 1815/16 by him :
"Das System der Prämiencassen-Abzüge" mit Abschriften und Verfügungen von 1734
/ "The System of Premiumcash-Subtractions" with Transcripts and Orders of 1734
(SächsHStA Dresden, Acta der Prämien-Casse, Loc.11159, Blatt 77 ff.)

 He was at 22.12.1853 appointed as a Knight of the Kingly Saxon Albrecht-Order :
(SächsHStA Dresden, OrdensKanzlei, Buch 30, Nr.60)
'In appreciation of his evidented glorious prudence, order and dutyfaith in administration of one of the most important cash-places, as well as his newly useful cooperation as a member of the been appointed commission of reorganisation of the Financial-Cash-System.'

A signature been its money worth

He died at 07.11.1859 in Dresden with 70 years and left behind one son. This son, Hermann Ewald Gareis, visited the Gymnasium to the Holy Cross in Dresden und was later the director of the district-court of justice in Bautzen.

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